Eating Disorder Treatment Levels of Care

Oceanaire is an eating disorder program helping women with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and other related complex disordered eating in both residential and partial hospitalization settings. We understand that treating eating disorders involves several physical, nutritional and mental health challenges and there may come a time in the treatment process when a higher level of care is needed. Below are the different levels of care offered for eating disorder treatment.

OUTPATIENT (lowest level of care)

Treatment team of Eating Disorder specialists

Primary Care Physician, Psychiatrist, Dietician, Therapist, Family Therapist (other professionals may be included in the treatment team)


9 hours/week

Individual, group and family therapy

Psychiatric and nutritional consultations

Often used as a step down from residential or PHP level of care

When to Refer: generally > 80% of ideal body weight, medically stable, lower level of care failed


5 days/week; 8 hours/day

Individual, group, family therapy

Psychiatric, medical and nutritional consultations

When to Refer: generally <80% of ideal body weight, inability to control compulsive behaviors without supervision (i.e. purging, over-exercising), medically stable, lower level of care failed

Oceanaire offers Partial Hospitalization



Longer-term treatment program than hospital stabilization

When to Refer: generally between 70% and 85% of ideal body weight, medically stable, lower level of care failed, as a step down program from hospital stabilization

Oceanaire offers Residential Treatment

HOSPITAL INPATIENT (highest level of care)


Short term, crisis stabilization

When to Refer: <70% ideal body weight, irregular vitals/nutrient levels (tube feeding/intravenous fluids required), not medically stable

Oceanaire Eating Disorder Program

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Licensed by the states of California and Washington and JCAHO accredited.

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