Oceanaire's Residential Philosophy

Oceanaire holds a fundamental perspective that eating disorders are compulsive by nature, originate from a multitude of fators and recovery is possible. These primary factors include genetic predisposition, temperament, vulnerable personality, family functioning style, dieting, exercise behaviors, major life changes, onset of puberty, social developmental influences, societal influences for extreme thinness, media, illness and medical procedures. One or more of these factors may facilitate emotional chaos for those who have a sensitive temperament. This psychological and emotional chaos then overwhelms one’s ability to use the necessary skills for living a healthy lifestyle. This is where the extreme obsessive thought process begins. Individuals often recognize the unusual nature of their obsessions and compulsions, yet are fearful to speak about them. They do not want to impose their difficulties on others, or they believe others may take over management of their circumstances. Ultimately the individual's experience of shame and fear, sends them into a shame spiral from which they have difficulty escaping. This often leads to isolation and more destructive behaviors.

Originating as compulsive disorders, eating disorders become a coping mechanism that at some point successfully assisted the resident to manage overwhelming life stressors and feelings. By the time a person enters residential treatment, behaviors and thoughts around the eating disorder fully consume them.  The staff at Oceanaire is aware of the despair of residents and their families and thus strives to provide a sense of security for everyone. Our goal is to facilitate an intensive therapeutic structure aimed at addressing key behavioral, emotional, nutritional and medical supports.

Due to the multifaceted nature of eating disorders, Oceanaire utilizes an individualized and intensive treatment approach. There are certain attributes we must ensure our residents learn while they are with us. This is why Oceanaire guides residents through a process of understanding the origins of their eating disorder. We structure treatment so that personal exploration of one’s life history including personal attributes, experiences, relationships, stress management and the development of their eating disorder are safely considered. We also integrate the family into assisting this exploration. It is essential for everyone to understand the complex interactions of all the contributing factors. The family is given education in effective communication skills, emotion management skills, and nutrition support skills. They are assisted with discovering the environmental changes necessary to promote a cessation of the eating disorder behaviors. And learn the skills to assist in long-term recovery.


Oceanaire's treatment program is designed around a progressive system of five phases. This “phase” process places the responsibility of change with the resident, with high value on personal responsibility rather than performance. Progression in Oceanaire’s program largely depends on the degree to which the resident exhibits honesty to disclose all the contributing factors to their eating disorder, openness to address them, willingness to consider change and a favorable attitude. Our goal is that the resident will fully engage in the program, develop necessary life skills to assist in long-term recovery and gain nutritional insight to healthy and balanced living.

It is common for a resident to successfully progress in one area of a treatment phase (e.g. behavioral) and yet become “stuck” in another part of treatment (e.g. nutrition management). The staff wants to observe the resident putting forth efforts addressing their resistances with some success before progressing to the next treatment phase. Therefore it becomes vital for staff to monitor all aspects of a resident's efforts and success during treatment.

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