Treatment Components

Overall the nutritional program at Oceanaire is designed so that residents are able to manage their nutrition on their own based on an exposure-response-prevention model. This technique has a unique “hands-on” approach - from conceptualization and preparation to actual cooking, shopping, restaurant outings, etc. Ultimately, the goal is for the resident to develop more autonomy and listen to her own body's signals of hunger and fullness. Oceanaire residents meet with their dieticians at least once a week, and the dietician is onsite to continually monitor the resident's nutritional needs, as well as provide a weekly educational group and prepare the resident for discharge. Oceanaire also includes the Discovery Therapeutic Family meal, where families learn to be an integral part of the support system around food. Oceanaire utilizes an exposure-response approach to nutritional therapy so residents are exposed to challenging situations in a therapeutic and nurturing environment.


Initial assessment during Intake to setup an individualized nutritional program

One-hour weekly individual nutritional session

Two-hour weekly educational nutrition groups

Hands-on exposure and food preparation

Dieticians are available onsite over 20-hours weekly

Weekly restaurant outings

Paradoxical approaches

The Discovery Therapeutic Family Meal

Stimulate natural setting to prepare residents for discharge

Reflective/ Intuitive meal

Oceanaire Eating Disorder Program

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